The Journey

The passing of time has given me pause to reflect.  Time marches forward.  Days turn to weeks, months turn to years, and I become aware that time is passing.  Transformations of my humanness take place and what once felt familiar and comfortable now feels foreign and uninviting.  I am compelled to leave behind everything I know and step faithfully into the unknown.  I see changes echoed in those around me, and I realise the fragility and impermanence of our human experience.  I chastise myself for neglecting to live skin to skin with the world that surrounds me.

How is it possible to find the courage to leave my comfort zone and enter the unknown? There is a lot to be said for the familiarity that is the status quo.  The only way toward change is to forge new paths, to explore places I haven’t dared to before now. As I enter this foreign terrain, I begin to learn more about my own inner landscape. I am discovering truths, boundaries and self-limiting beliefs that have only served to keep me stuck. Change can be terrifying, but it is necessary for growth, progress and evolution.  Change is a choice; a decision to remain safe in my cocoon, or to be transformed into a magnificent version of myself.  I allow it to raise me up, to share everything I am with the universe.  I choose change.  As I stand on the precipice of revealing more of myself than I ever have, I ask ‘am I enough?’.  My soul answers with a resounding ‘yes’. In each and every moment, I am always enough.  Inside of me lies a spark, an opportunity, a chance. 

It is time for the great embrace, to love myself with reckless abandon, to take those in my heart with me on the journey to the culmination of a life lived well and without limitation.  When my earthly eyes close for the final time and I enter the great unknown, I want those around me to remember a soul brimming with true passion for every moment of the human experience.  I have witnessed the clouds of despair cast their darkest shadows across the threshold of my mind, yet I have also felt the warmth of hope and held on fiercely.  I want everyone to know that these collective experiences are the fibers that connect us in the great tapestry of our lives.  That through these shared experiences we are never alone, only opened by our vulnerability. 

Every day, I want to touch the lives of those around me in the most positive way possible.  People won’t remember my possessions, who I worked for or the type of car I drove.  When everything has been stripped away, I want to know that I have left a legacy of memories that will last a lifetime.  I want to live my life in a way that will inspire people.  I want someone to look at me and say ‘because of you I didn’t give up’. 

With my face towards the sun, and a heart full of courage, I begin the journey.  If I never pass this way again, my wish is to regret nothing.  Tomorrow is not promised.  What lay before me is a choice, and I contemplate the possibilities.  Doubt knocks at the door of indecision, while hindsight dares me to risk the regret of not trying.  Though I punish myself with memories of bad decisions I have made in the past, I cannot allow these memories to define who I am.  I let these experiences shape me, but I am not a prisoner to decisions I have made.  Regret will not be granted an audience.  I go forward with confidence, knowing that every decision I make is the right one in each moment.  My heart speaks to my true north and I must follow.