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“Beautiful deck, I’m so excited to work daily with it” ~ Michelle

“Beautiful cards!! Wonderful uplifting energy! Love! Fast shipping” ~ Hope

A beautiful, well drawn deck on heavy card stock… it was well packaged and the shipping was fast” ~ S.E.

“Amazing Deck, amazing book, amazing design. Can’t wait to break these babies in!! illustration is fantastic” ~ ModernDayBronxWitch

“Love this deck. The intricacies with chakra details, readings for your shadow self, and the artwork is divine. LOVE my new deck” ~ Abigail

“This is an absolutely gorgeous set of oracle cards Each card has only one beautiful watercolor painting which represents the thought and soul word in the card. The artistry is magnificent. The book is extraordinarily well written with 6 significant areas of thought. I draw a daily card and each day it perfectly speaks to me a only Spirit can. A wonderful and meaningful set to add to a collection” ~ S. P.

“This oracle deck is absolutely beautiful. Each card is beautifully illustrated and I love how each card relates to the chakras. I use it daily for myself but it has also been the most requested deck by my reiki clients after their session. Buy it now!” ~ S & K

” A sweet, gentle deck! This deck will not disappoint” ~ Rosemary

“Beautiful deck! I love it!!” ~ Sonya

“Beautiful cards! Comfortable to hold and use!” ~ Viviana

“A very pretty deck. They also feel matte. Really soft and the artwork is simple yet gorgeous! Very happy with my purchase and I definitely recommend if you’re thinking about purchasing” ~ Armani

“Beautiful Oracle cards. Quick delivery, fantastic quality, very pleased with my purchase. Thank you” ~ Margarete

These are absolute beautiful. I saw them in the store and they just sung out to me. The colours are vibrant. The art is detailed ❤️ even the packaging was gorgeous” ~ Ashlii

“When this arrived I was taken back by the beautiful energy of this little deck. It is simple yet perfect in every way. The size is great and the quality amazing, I LOVE everything about it. I am so happy to have this in my collection” ~ Mel

“Absolutely stunning! I’m so impressed with the artwork and quality of the deck overall – the sparkly edges, sturdiness of the box and cards, the gorgeous cards themselves! All have a very gentle loving energy. Thank you for this beautiful creation!!” ~ Jacqueline

“Unbelievably beautiful cards, everything about them is such good quality, from the box, to the card stock and the stunning guilding! Lots of really good information in the guidebook too. Can’t recommend them enough!” ~ Lasjca

“These are absolutely gorgeous!!! So happy I bought them” ~ Erin

“This oracle deck is beautiful and its messages are easy to understand and really speak to one’s soul. I’m really enjoying it!!” ~ Laure

“Everything about the production of this deck is of the highest quality, and GORGEOUS to boot” ~ Mog

“The cards stock is amazing, the artwork is very detailed and beautiful and I just loved the overall packaging as well. Can’t wait to start using it because filming the walkthrough of the deck wasn’t enough!” ~ Orsi

“A little jewel in my collection : a really beautiful and connected deck. Merci pour cette belle création !” ~ Laetitia

“Arrived without any problem, I really like this oracle, it’s a 10/10 totally recommend it” ~ Lucid

“Came very quickly to NY which I was not expecting, but was a pleasant surprise. Quality is so great and I love using the deck! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an oracle deck and wants to support a small business” ~ Meghan

“Wow! Don’t let the minimalist images fool you. It is the simplicity of the beautifully rendered images, paired with the drilled down key words, that makes this Oracle deck one you will want to check out for yourself. The quality of the box, the card stock, the gilded edges, and card descriptions make for a truly cohesive deck. The creator responded immediately to my questions and wrapped the deck so even the packaging was beautifully presented. I was so impressed I opted to buy the guidebook!” ~ Irene

“Absolutely beautiful! Shipping time was reasonable (overseas). Overall very pleased with purchase” ~ Amy

“Lovely cards, good card stock. Fast shipping” ~ Kristina

“Arrived safely, very well packed. Absolutely love this beautiful “When My Soul Whispered oracle deck”! The size of the cards are perfect! Thank you very much” ~ S.

“Arrived safely! Thank you so much !! very beautiful cards❤️” ~ Rina

This is a beautiful deck. Wonderful cardstock. I love it” ~ easpivey

“Beautiful deck!” ~ Megan

“Great deck, great card stock!” ~ Chenoa

“I love, love, love this deck! My expectations were blown away. I love the quality of the paper and the artwork is just gorgeous. I also love that you have a way for each individual to create their own meaning for each card. I’ve had my eye on this deck for months and to finally make the purchase was well worth the wait. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with the world. It’s much needed” ~ Allison

“PERFECT size cards with lovely images. The colors and images and meanings are stunning. Already one of my daily use decks” ~ Kristin

“Love these cards. The are very intuitive and easy to read. The guide has some prompts which makes it easy also.. Great deck, well produced” ~ Neil

“This deck is absolutely stunning and it brightens my day every time I use it” ~ Emily

“Love everything about this oracle deck & guide book. I would definitely recommend anyone thinking of purchasing this Oracle deck” ~ Nancy

“Beautifully packaged with so much care and was delivered promptly. The deck is just made with so much love and I highly recommend” ~ Michele

“My experience was absolutely amazing! The delivery had some complications and the seller was right on it and sent me a new one! The cards are absolutely beautiful and I connected with them straight away. I would 100% recommend, THANK YOU🤍” ~ Jaime

“I knew this deck would be beautiful however I was surprised at just how stunning they really were so incredible! Thank you” ~ Holly

“This is such a stunning deck; great size especially for small hands, visually gorgeous, and the cardstock is so yummy! The guidance/meanings are beautifully written and very relatable. The shipping time wasn’t bad especially considering the current state of the world and it having to travel from Australia to the US. Thank you!” ~ Willow

“This is a lovely deck. I’m looking forward to working with it and getting to know it. I’m very happy with this purchase” ~ Ettaalice

“This seller is absolutely marvelous, for starters. Wonderful experience, 12/10, would shop from again! And this deck!!!!! The card edges are gold and glittery and every card is crisp and clear!! The paper they’re on is absolutely gorgeous and heavy, I LOVE this deck!! I have been wanting an oracle deck for a while and this one just spoke to me when I saw a review of it on Facebook. I LOVE it!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!” ~ Katie

“Simple yet deep deck” ~ Riki

“I love these cards. They have good energy and are very easy to work with. They were worth the wait and I look forward to working with them more” ~ Michelle

“The oracle cards are so beautiful, high quality, I love the book, very happy with both” ~ Elisabeth