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🐝 When My Soul Whispered Oracle Deck ~ indie edition fully sold out. Mass market edition by US Games coming soon 🐝

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When My Soul Whispered Oracle Deck has been my passion project for almost five years.  My dream was to create a deck with minimal imagery, focussing on only one or two central colours per piece.  The idea was that the simple illustrations would serve as a starting point for the user to discover what the image meant to them, without being bogged down by excessive imagery.  What initially began as a list of 44 keywords grew to 44 roughly sketched drawings with a vague colour palette, and some scrawled notes about the relationship between the image and keyword.  In mid 2016, the universe conspired to put me in the path of Jess who I commissioned to become the artist for the deck.  Card by card, she drew and coloured every image in a combination of ink and watercolour, and she would never cease to amaze me by turning each card from my childlike etchings into the visions I held in my mind.  She was simply the perfect artist for the deck.  As Jess completed the art, I busied myself on the guidebook, and after countless revisions of the text, several edits of the art, and producing many variants of the end product, it is finished.  The idea once seeded in my heart and soul has been brought to life, and I am finally ready to share it with you.

Deck Specifications
  • 44 card deck, borderless 
  • Trump size cards 62mm x 100mm (2.45″ x 3.95″)
  • 400 GSM premium quality cardstock with matte gilded edging
  • Soft-touch finish (for that buttery feel and easy shuffling)
  • Custom magnetic closure box for durability and easy storage
  • PDF guidebook

Physical Guidebook Specifications

176 page full colour printed softcover book (page count may vary slightly with editing)
Physical guidebook is an exact copy of the PDF guidebook

Despite having a fully completed deck ready for production more than a year ago, it took me a further twelve months to write the guidebook. I wrote large portions, edited, deleted, started fresh, and ended up at a creative impasse; it’s hard to put my finger on exactly why I struggled so much with it. I think my main concern was not wanting the text to come across as prescriptive or perhaps even suggestive. I wanted people to draw a card and find their own meaning without being bogged down or clouded by my thoughts or ideas. Yet at the same time, I didn’t want people to feel disconnect with the chosen image and keyword. I have structured each page as follows, and I hope that the information offers you enough, without being too much.

Keyword – the bare, stripped back, essential core of the card
Quote – a poignant message that sums up the energy of the card
My Light – keywords that encompass the positive aspects of the card
My Shadow – keywords that touch on the negative aspects of the card, and will help to bring attention to areas that may currently be blocked or are in need of attention
My Sacred Words – an affirmation, mantra or chant that evokes the meaning of the card through one sentence
Chakra Association – the deck is designed loosely around the nine-point chakra system, with keywords and colours being chosen specifically on this basis. The predominant card colours are used to resonate with the particular chakra
Raison D’être – from the French language meaning purpose or reason for being, this entry provides a brief explanation for the choice of illustration for each card to provide you with an understanding of the card’s role in the deck

About the Creator – Melissa Selvaggio
Hi, I’m Mel!  I’m one of those people who performs terribly in job interviews because I never know what to say when people ask me to talk about myself, and this bio will likely be no exception! I’ve been an enthusiastic deck collector for many long years, and always wanted to create my own deck.  Despite being passionately creative, I do not have an artistic bone in my body (Pictionary partners anyone??), however I wasn’t going to let this deter me from finding a way to bring my vision for a deck into reality. When I’m not tied up with my creative muse, I am also a Psychology/Criminology student, a wife, and mum to two teenage girls.  I am over the moon/crapping my pants to finally be wearing my creative heart on my sleeve and sharing this deck with the world!
About the Artist – Jess O’Connor
I was fortunate enough to meet Jess during a fundraiser she was conducting for Beyond Blue in 2016.  I remember timidly approaching her to ask if I could commission her to do the artwork, and being worried that she wouldn’t know what an oracle deck was, and even worse that she would think I was some sort of weirdo.  As soon as she told me she knew what I was talking about AND that she even owned a few decks, I was sold!  Her first artwork was the Bee, and I now consider this a very special illustration.  Jess is a talented tattoo artist based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in 100% vegan ink tattoos.  She has an impressive portfolio, and I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with her.  Jess was able to take the childlike images I gave her (at times I’m sure she had a good laugh!), and transformed them into exactly the vision I held in my mind.  Check out Jess and her amazing illustration and tattoo work @liljtattoos on Instagram, or visit her website here