Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. 
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself
~ Rumi ~

I’m Mel, passionate deck collector and creator (you can find my work here), owner of an Australian-based, online tarot and oracle store specialising in independently published decks from around the globe, mindfulness and wellbeing advocate, psychology student and infinite being.


My purpose is to guide others in developing a more intimate relationship with their own soul through dedicated daily mindfulness practice, unconditional self love, impeccable self care, and empowering individuals to become the wilful creator of their own lives.

I believe in living life on purpose, and making the most of the human experience with every single encounter.  I aim to live skin to skin with the world around me, and to breathe in each and every experience deeply.  I aim to understand and embrace the shadow self, and to integrate it into the wholeness of my all, discarding nothing.  Each and every facet of me, even the not so shiny ones, bear witness to the person I am today; I have no desire to second guess, nor is there room for regret.

I aim to communicate with honey rather than vinegar, and believe that everyone should own and exercise their personal boundaries with love. While I practice what I preach, I’m certainly not perfect, but I do strive to live each moment better than my last.  When my time in this earthly vessel is through, I want to have created a butterfly effect in the lives of those I have encountered.  I want to show through example how one person can be a catalyst for great change.

I call on others to ignite their own light and join me at the helm.  Are you ready?

My offerings come from a place of high integrity, positive intention and always from my heart and soul to yours.

Peace be the journey

How can we connect?

At the moment, you’ll find me in my usual haunts around social media.  I’m also pouring a lot of my sacred energy into creating a stunning deck of oracle cards which will be available by mid 2019.  If you’re in Australia and in the market for an indie tarot or oracle deck, or a number of other MIND | BODY | SPIRIT related goodies, pop into the shop to see what’s available.  In the meantime, check out the YouTube channel for some deck reviews and favourites videos, create and share your #blackouttarot with me over on Insta, or hop on over to the blog for the latest news, updates or other inspiration.

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